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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  September 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, devastation
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in chile, eight people are dead and nearly a million without a home after an earthquake hit a small town. but we begin with breaking news out of the the winfield section of philadelphia. after a crash with a septa bus and private ambulance, septa officials say it happened just after 10:00 at 54th street and lebanon avenue, the bus operating on septa route 52 ended up on a lawn there. two people were injured on the ambulance as well as a bus passenger and the bus driver. now to the summer like weather we are experiencing well into september, looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you penn's landing this noon and accuweather shows you more sun and temperatures are expected to
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remain this way through the weekend, david murphy is outside with a first look at the forecast. >> all right sara, it's another nice one this morning and into the afternoon more cloud cover south of philadelphia, because of a storm system that is working its way off the coast and it is not creating a more of a problem than cloud cover, 81 in millville and 81 in allentown and temperatures climbing the way they did yesterday, the only issue is an air quality alert, this extends past trenton and away from bodies of water and it's unhealthy air pollution levels, if are you among our senior citizen population, or have respiratory or heart ailment, limit your activity from now until 6:00 until the air has a chance to filter out the pollutants, like yesterday
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we are well above the average high of 78 and 64 is the overnight low also a bit above average, as we go ahead through the rest of the work week tomorrow and into saturday, we are going to be dealing with the same warm air mass, things will change the second half of the weekend and we'll have more on that when i step inside and look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now another nice one. well, reaction continues to pour in after last night's debate. while donald trump is still getting attention, the only woman running is getting heavy praise for her performance. kenneth moton is live with more from the white house. interesting last night kenneth. >> reporter: it was, the gop candidates are back on the campaign trail and the former ceo carly fiorina is taking the victory lap. today is about who stood out and who flopped in the gop debate
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round two. >> rand paul on donald trump. >> his visceral response to comment on people's appearance, fat and ugly, that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his look and believe there is a lot of subject matter there. >> he apologized to his wife. >> why don't you apologize to her. >> i will not. >> ben carson didn't appear to have energy at all but is gaining momentum. and now the only candidate that is close to trump that topped 30% in recents polls, carly fiorina took center stage showing she knows about foreign politics. >> she was asked where she will be in a month. >> i don't know but i'll continue what we doing, talking to voters.
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>> and they called it a great night for fiorina, i think trump will drop because how he treated people on stage. >> this would be fine for the first debate, and now that time has gone by people are expecting more. >> voters will be excepting more from donald trump but he is still on top. he and democratic hillary clinton are holding dually campaign events tonight. >> thank you kenneth. we are now eight days and just over 21 hours away until pope francis comes to philadelphia and it's safe to say local parishioners are counting down the days as well. people camped out overnight hoping to get tickets for the mass on the parkway, most did not leave empty handed. katherine scott is live in havertown with the full story.
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hi katherine. >> hi rick, each parish was a lotted a certain number of tickets and it was up to the parish to see how they would distribute them. people were brimming with excitement about the opportunities to see the but now she has these to show for it. tickets for the papal mass on the parkway. >> if the pope is going to be here and say mass, i would like to be close and be able to participate. >> the line grew behind her this morning, parishioners shared coffee and conversation. >> the reason we are here is because this is a once in a lifetime experience to see a
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great leader and a great man and philadelphia has a great opportunities. >> they have organized two buses, but there was more tickets available for the mass that saturday. and the best way to distribute the rest was to give them out first come first serve. >> i don't know that it's relief so much, but that i know i'll be there on the parkway. >> the tickets were gone within 20 minutes but every registered parishioner walked away with tickets for something. father frederick gallagher met the pope in june and could not be happier with the opportunity. >> here we are 40 years later, still talking about pope john paul coming to philadelphia and pope francis is coming in ten days. >> there was no perfect time to
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do this but they wanted to be as fair as possible. and people walked away being very happy. >> katherine thank you, a note about traffic around the ben franklin parkway as preparations continue, today the city announced the inner drives are closed as of this morning, they closed the road from the oval to 20th street and will be in effect until tuesday september 29th. >> the city of philadelphia is channelling pope francis's mission of helping the poor when it comes to next week's papal visit, over the next several days, the city will send behavioral health benefits, they want them to be aware of where and when the events are and the mass of people expected to flood the visit. we'll give you a first look at where and when the anchors will be next weekend coming up at
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12:30, can you find updates on the papal visit by visiting our website, we have a dedicated section at philadelphia police are looking for a gunman in philadelphia, they found a 20-year-old man shot in the leg and a second man also 20 years old was found shot in the finger just blocks away, the victims say they were approached by three armed men and one asked for the time and the other two pulled out guns and opened fire. both victims are expected to be okay. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out what caused a woman to stab her husband to death. the man was founded in the frankford section. chopper 6 hd flew over the scene while police investigated. the man was stabbed multiple
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times and his wife is now in police custody. patco is taking steps to make sure commuters are connected on their way home. free wifi access will be offered at all stations by early october. it will be powered by comcast and current subscribers will be able to sign-in using their exfinity i.d.'s. local businesses are taking applications for open positions at the living faith christian center in pennsauken, the room was full of people when the action cam stopped by this morning, the event runs until 2:00 this afternoon. >> still to come, philadelphia police are on the lookout for a trio of drug bandits, the pill they are trying to get their hands on and the string of
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robberies that they are connected to. but first a young ineventer breaks his silence.
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at least eight people are dead after a powerful earthquake struck northern chile late last night, people were forced to evacuate after the magnitude 8.3 quake, it was felt hundreds of miles away and it generated small tsunamis that flooded coastal towns, we'll have more on the devastation there coming up on "action news" at 12:30. several women that accused bill cosby of sexually assaulting them, are speaking out on a special. >> taste it, it's bill cosby what could happen. >> 12 women talk about the mowning evidence against bill cosby, court filings from years ago quoted cosby saying he got quaaludes to give to women during sexual encounters but he maintains he did nothing wrong.
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three men that subdued an attacker will get medals today. defense secretary ash carter will present air man first class spencer stone with a purple heart and alex scar -- all there are invited to meet with president obama. >> the young inconvenienter that build a clock and was then arrested because police thought it was a fake bomb is talking about the experience. ahmed muhammad was put in handcuffs after he showed a homemade digital clock to his teacher, the teacher was concerned about it and notified the school. >> he repeatedly told police it was just a clock and he told them he wanted to impress his teacher. >> i was scared at the moment,
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but now i feel happy i'm getting support from all over the world, for everyone that was been through this. i will fight for you if you can't stand up for yourself. >> president obama has personally invited him to the white house to show him that clock and he got a call from mit that really excited him. >> wow. more to come, an important decision from the federal reserve on the future of economy. your home could be a place of hidden dangers. how to stay safe in your own home.
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in less than two hours from now, the federal research will decide whether or not to raise interest rates, they say it's the committee's biggest decision in year and they are weighing in the economy is good enough to raise the interest rate. home is where the heart is, is how the saying goes and the home is the most likely place to have accidents. tamala edwards speaks with experts about safety tips that people of any age can use. >> christie at bryn mawr rehab probably heard it all. the endless ways that patients
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have been hurt at home. with more people aging in place and living at home longer -- >> we have more vision problem and sensation problems such as feeling in the feet. the center foredisease control, one in three older adults fall each year but only half talk to their health care provider about that. >> once someone has a fall that say good predictor for falls in the future, most of us lose strength and we can't recover from a slip or wobble and we can prevent bumps and bruises. >> adding lights to stairwells and light places and having a night light in the bathroom, in the kitchen make it easy on yourself, we suggest that people keep their most commonly used
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items from knee height or shoulder height so they are not stressing and benning over really far. >> and that includes microwave ovens, as for the range, front controls keep you from reaching over red hot burners and steaming pots. now for the living room, and now a couch that is firm with an arm rest is a good choice. >> bars in the bathroom is a good choice too, and keep stock of your medications, people that take for our more are more likely to fall from their actions and there is evidence that tai chi can improve balance, we have more on of aging. channel 6 "action news." >> the channel 6 "action news" team is out working on stories for tonight at 4:00, richard gere is in town to promote his latest movie. alicia vitarelli got a chance to interview him one-on-one, lucky girl. >> and for a lot of people it
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may be cheaper, we dive into the question if credit unions can really save you money. >> and the forecast, sky 6 hd showing you atlantic city, david murphy has an update when we come right back.
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david is here with another check of the accuweather forecast s. it's a warm one out there. >> all smiles for this forecast as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan. high pressure is moving rain well away from us, as we look outside lots of sun and the action cam out in fairmont park and the fountains and blue sky above. and there is cloud cover especially over by the shore but most of us are looking at bright blue skies. 82 degrees under the sun in philadelphia currently, your dew
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point down to 52, so not that humid and winds from the south at 5 miles per hour and current temperatures are warm. 81 in allentown and 79 in trenton and 81 in millville and cape may 75 degrees, cooler next to the ocean water. there is that cloud cover, it was more of an issue in the overnight hours, a storm system is down to the south off the coast, it's beginning to pull the clouds out with it. a little bit of cirrus clouds with it but overall lots of sun, allentown and the lehigh valley getting up to 86. 82 and sunny and pleasant at the shore. a nice day for say stroll and philadelphia similar to yesterday sunshine and light winds and winds out of the southwest at manyp to 8 miles
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per hour. we are staying comfortable today, mainly clear and comfortable, dipping down to 64 for the low with the variable winds again 4 to 8 miles per hour, for the evening commute, shades are on and a.c. is on, and 74 at 4:00 and warm at 5:30 and 77 at 7:00. as the rush hour is wrapping up. as we look at current temperatures all the way out to omaha, we have similar numbers in philadelphia and places like raleigh and st. louis and omaha, nebraska, you see cooler air start to move in and that is the next front that effects the changes here, and that is a slow mover and it takes time before it affects temperatures. over the next three days in through is it a, the high temperatures up through 87, that is 10 degrees above average and more typical of what you expect temperature-wise in july and early august, your exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast, bright and warm and 87 degrees, 87 on friday and more of the same on saturday, by saturday the humidity may start to inch its way back in but not bad. sunday the front comes through and we knock the high down to 81 and still a pleasant day with a mix of clouds and sun and an even chance that this thing comes through dry and we are looking good for the eagles home opener in the 4:00 in the afternoon at lincoln financial field and the union's next match, monday we are back in the 70s, clouds mixing with sun and a shower creeping up with a pronounced easterly flow, yom kippur arrives on sun down on wednesday.
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. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. here are stories we are following now, we are live outside of city hall where residents concerned about the papal visit made their voices heard loud and clear. the search is on for three thieves that are going to great lengths to get their hands on powerful drugs. and crumbled houses and cracked streets "action news"
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has the latest as chile surveys the damage from a dangerous earthquake. in their last meeting before the papal visit, city council members are getting an earful from concerned constituents, they are worried about how their lives will be impacted. vernon odom was at today's meeting and he joins us live now from city hall with the story. >> good afternoon sara, right now for all city council members, most of them running for election it's a game of wait and see, they are low keying it now to see how it goes city council going about its regular business a week away from the papal visit, just days away from the massive security measures are imposed for the pontiff's 36 miles per hour visit to philadelphia, their ears are burning with constituent complaintses on the parking and


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